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December 23, 2009.

Win Your Prize In 2,500 GBP Roulette Tournament Each Month At Littlewoods Online Casino.

roulette tourney2,500 GBP Roulette Tournament is your chance to spin your way to a share of 2,500 GBP with Littlewoods Online Casino's two day Roulette event. Below are the details of this big money Roulette Tournament.

When: 15th and 16th of each month, 00:00-23:59 GMT.
How many winners? 210 winners.
Top prize? Up to 1,680 GBP.
Total of all prizes? 2,500 GBP!

How do you win?
Play Roulette at Littlewoods Casino during event hours and accumulate as many comp points as you can. With cash bonuses to be won on both event days and overall event bonuses up for grabs too, you've got 3 great chances to win big while playing your favourite game!

What can you win?
The top 100 comp point accumulators on each day will win:
  • Highest overall comp point accumulator will win 140 GBP.
  • 2nd-3rd position = 45 GBP.
  • 4th-5th position = 19 GBP.
  • 6th-25th = 9 GBP.
  • 26th-100th = 4 GBP.
The top 10 comp point accumulators combined over both roulette tournament days will win:
  • Highest overall comp point earner wins 1,400 GBP.
  • 2nd position = 140 GBP.
  • 3rd position = 90 GBP.
  • 4th-5th = 30 GBP.
  • 6th-10th = 19 GBP.
With a top cash prize of up to £1,680 up for grabs, make sure you take part in this monthly event to win big. Results will be updated on the Races and Tournaments results page on the Littlewoods Online Casino website.

T & C
To qualify for the tournament, you must deposit at least £20 during event hours. All Bonuses will be credited within 24 hours of the event ending and a confirmation email will be sent to all winners except at weekends. In order to cashout this bonus, an amount totaling no less than two (2) times the bonus amount must be wagered.

Comp Points accumulated via low-risk Roulette, Baccarat and Craps bets will not be eligible for any of the Littlewoods Online Casino events. The actual prize amounts credited to the winners may, in certain cases, be higher than the prize amounts announced here.

Other Events - Race to a share of 2,400 GBP
There's never been a better time to race to the games than during the exciting Littlewoods Casino Race because you have the chance to win a share of a massive 2,400 GBP in bonuses on the First day of every month (top prize: 280 GBP)!

Enjoy a 100% Welcome Bonus on the house!
How would you like to get started with up to £50 for free before you even play? And then get another £50 just by enjoying the games? LittleWoods Casino treats new Money Players like winners right from the start. Here's how:

Start off with an instant 25% bonus...
The casino will give you a 25% bonus up to £50 as soon as you make your first deposit.

Another 75% bonus will be waiting for you once you reach a certain number of comp points by playing at LittleWoods Casino, the remaining 75% is yours!

To earn up to £100 in Welcome Bonuses, simply download the LittleWoods Casino Casino software, register your Money Play account and make a deposit.

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