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December 8, 2009.

Top 20 Online Casino Roulette Winners List For January - April 2009.

winners VegasI start this month with the top 20 roulette winners list for the period from January 1st till April 30th, 2009. Over 50 popular online casinos reported their winners and I compare the results of players in different casinos and different gaming software.

As you may see the largest winners play at Playtech casinos: Casino Tropez, Europa Casino and Prestige Casino. There are also multiple winners of up to $17,200 at InterCasino, powered by Cryptologic, and Microgaming online casinos - the largest winner hit €6,576 at Villento Las Vegas casino. Here is the complete list, so you can check it out yourself.

Top 20 Roulette Winners 2009:

Player Country  Win Game Date Casino
Niklas S Sweden €91,280.00 Roulette 2009-02-02 Casino Tropez
Anders B Sweden €80,262.00 Roulette Live 2009-03-31 Europa Casino
Mikhael J France €58,180.00 Roulette Pro 2009-03-31 Europa Casino
Mark A. South Africa $42,500.00 Roulette Pro 2009-03-09 Arcangelo C Italy €34,965.00 Roulette Pro on 2009-01-31 Casino Tropez
ellingse1   $30,872.00 VIP European Roulette 2009-01-02 InterCasino
Niklas S Sweden €22,510.00 Roulette 2009-01-07 Casino Tropez
frijol73   $17,200.00 European Roulette 2009-03-23 InterCasino
Mark A. South Africa $10,000.00 Roulette Pro 2009-03-07 Prestige Casino
Pasquale P.   €9,000.00 Roulette 2009-04-28 Prestige Casino
Pasquale P.   €8,000.00 Roulette 2009-04-20 Prestige Casino
rosk17   $7,650.00 VIP European Roulette 2009-01-17 InterCasino
anbri5   $7,650.00 VIP European Roulette 2009-01-11 InterCasino
Murucas Arumugam N.   $7,225.00 Roulette 2009-01-20 Prestige Casino
Antonio P Germany €6,576.00 Table - European Roulette Gold 2009-04-30 Villento Las Vegas
euqinu1   $6,303.00 Single Player Roulette-European 2009-02-17 InterCasino
muzi   $6,300.00 VIP European Roulette 2009-01-30 InterCasino
xcvxco00   $6,300.00 VIP European Roulette 2009-01-26 InterCasino
frijol73   $4,997.00 European Roulette 2009-03-02 InterCasino
Jee C.   $4,800.00 Roulette Live 2009-04-27 Prestige Casino

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