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January 10, 2005.

Roulette Secrets - The Secret Of Successful Roulette Is.

There are many authors and gurus on the net who claim to have found the roulette secrets that will enable you to gain an edge in your quest for roulette profits, however are their "secrets" that can be exploited for profit?

Roulette secrets implies that someone can show you something that know one else knows or has not discovered about roulette.

This of course is not true, as there are no secrets to playing roulette and everything about the game is known. While there are no roulette secrets, there are right ways to play and if you learn it you can put the odds in your favor.

Let's have a look at the myth of "roulette secrets" and how to play properly without them to make more money.

Roulette Secret. You Can Use a Mathematical System to Predict Spins

No you can't!

Roulette is a game of chance and each spin of the roulette ball is unrelated to any previous spins.

For example, if the ball falls on red 20 times in a row, players feel that black has a higher chance of coming up next but of course it doesn't a roulette ball has no memory the chances are 50 - 50.

Many players also like to look for, and bet on, 'sleeping numbers' - numbers that have not been hit for a while.

Just because a number has been, 'sleeping', does not mean it is more likely that the number will come up on the next spin.

Mathematical systems can't work by their very nature in roulette.

Quite simply, mathematical systems require reliable data, and with roulette, there is no past data that can be used - it's a random game of chance.

In mathematics, you know exactly what is going to happen next, in a game of chance you never know what is going to happen next! Any system that claims to make money consistently from roulette is a contradiction in terms.

Secret 2. You Can Use Money Management to Gain an Edge Money management does not affect the house advantage.

For money management to work, you need to increase your bet size when the odds are in your favor, and decrease bet size when they are not.

The odds and payouts are set in the casino's favor, and this edge never changes.

The house always has an advantage due to the amount paid out per bet; you cannot change it and put the odds in your favor.

There are no roulette "secrets" however the good news is you can play with the odds in your favor as much as any other player with these simple tips.

1. Play European Roulette

There are two roulette wheels the American and European. The wheel to play is the European, as it reduces the casino advantage to 2.63% which doubles your advantage of winning as it doesn't have the extra 00.

2. Place Bets that are close to their Payouts

Place bets whose odds almost match their payouts - these "even money" bets include, betting on Even, Odd, Low (numbers 1 - 18), High (numbers 19 - 36), Red, or Black. All these payout even 1 - 1.

The best bet of all which most players don't take advantage of is: The bet 'en prison.' If you make even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you don't lose your bet.

Instead, your bet is 'imprisoned' (hence the name) and you carry it forward to the next spin. If the bet wins, you remove it from the table. The house edge is just 1.35% on this bet and it is the bet with the best odds in roulette.

Roulette is a game of chance, and there are no roulette secrets to increase the odds in your favor, but if you know how to play you can get great odds for a game of chance.

If you want to play a game that's fun and can give you a good chance of winning then roulette offers a unique playing experience.

So, forget roulette secrets follow the simple tips above and enjoy the game.

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