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January 17, 2005.

The Roulette Wheel.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today. According to most historians, roulette was developed in the 17th century by a French mathematician. The game has a traditional charm and elegance; we are accustomed to seeing high-rolling gamblers dressed in tuxedos spinning the night away. The roulette wheel is an interesting device and knowing the components is certainly the first step in learning the game.

The actual wheel is the part of the device that is moveable and spins. The table is additionally divided into sections: black and red with alternatively numbered spaces from 1 to 36. The compartments also have one zero and in the American version of the game, a double-zero space. Also included in the Roulette wheel is the small plastic ball that bobbles around as the wheel is spun.

As you begin betting on the roulette wheel, you will be given the option to either place an inside or an outside bet. An inside bet is a wager on a number or numbers ranging from 1 to 36 or zero or double-zero. An outside bet is a wager on segments of one third of the possible numbers to come up, excluding 0 and 00. Because the odds ratio is much higher with an outside bet, the payouts are also higher.

Typically, winning an outside bet or wager results in a payout of 2-to-1. For example, if you were to bet one dollar on an outside bet and win, you would win two dollars from the spin of the Roulette wheel.

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Check out European And American Roulette Wheel Layout and diagram to learn more about the wheels and available bets.

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