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February 2, 2006.

Guessing At Online Casinos - Is It The Only Way To Go?

Is guessing a good option for winning at online casino games? For some games it might work while for other games at online casinos it may not. Someone once said that guessing is never a good way to win money at gambling. Guessing is generally related to rash thought and uncalculated decisions. However, while some games at online casinos are mostly skill, others are pure luck. If you don't guess at these games, then there is little chance of knowing what the winning combination will be. For some online casino games - guessing is really the only option to play.

For casino games like poker and blackjack, guessing is probably not the best way to go - you need some skill and knowledge to win or increase your chances of winning. That's why most online casino sites offer guides and explain the rules of these games. Most of the time skill is required in these two games, with only a small element of luck or guessing. At online casinos, these "skill" games require concentration and thought with an attempt to predict the upcoming cards or the next move. Guessing may play a small role in the ultimate result, but is not the decider. Nevertheless, even in poker the luck may made you a winner of big pots.

There are several other games offered by online casinos where guessing is probably the only way to go - keno, roulette, and slots. With roulette, you really need to guess where the online casinos are going to end up placing the ball - there is really no skill to it. You can say experienced roulette players use their systems, however this does not mean that you can predict where the ball stops - the ball has no memory and all the partitions on the roulette wheel are equal. Slot machines at online casinos do not require much about guessing, rather pure random play. Online casinos offer both guessing and skill based games in order to suit everyone's playing style.

Source: USA Online Casino

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