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Top 40 online roulette winners - LIVE Leaderboard 2010 - 2024:

Winner Game Name Win Date Online Casino
Chile Miguel I Evolution - Lightning Roulette $15,645,000.00 Mar 02 2023 Jackpot City
Álvaro A Evolution - Lightning Roulette $7,500,000.00 Mar 19 2022 Jackpot City
Chile Bozydaj B Evolution - Lightning Roulette $5,000,000.00 Jan 12 2022 All Jackpots
Hans M Evolution - Lightning Roulette $4,000,000.00 Apr 11 2022 Spin Casino
Chile Patricio S Evolution - Lightning Roulette $4,000,000.00 Apr 04 2022 Jackpot City
Jorge F Evolution XXXTreme Lightning Roulette $2,187,000.00 Nov 19 2023 Spin Casino
Chile Felipe C Evolution - Lightning Roulette SEK15,900,000.00 Oct 29 2021 Jackpot City
Hans M Evolution - Lightning Roulette $2,000,000.00 Apr 12 2022 Spin Casino
Russian Federation Vadim Roulette Live $1,996,700.00 Dec 15 2016 Europa Casino
Chile Jorge F Evolution XXXTreme Lightning Roulette $1,812,600.00 Jun 17 2023 Spin Casino
Chile JC CL Evolution XXXTreme Lightning Roulette SEK13,837,500.00 Aug 05 2023 Jackpot City
Spain Rodrigo Roulette Live $1,787,034.00 Dec 26 2012 Casino Tropez
Sweden Burhan T Roulette $1,459,225.00 Jul 26 2014 All Slots Mobile
Chile JC CL Mega Roulette SEK10,000,000.00 Feb 08 2023 Jackpot City
Mohit M Evolution - Lightning Roulette $1,280,000.00 Dec 27 2020 Spin Casino
Spain Rodrigo Roulette Live $1,172,715.00 Dec 19 2012 Casino Tropez
Australia Thi thanh European Roulette £782,190.00 Mar 28 2012 Casino Tropez
UK T A Roulette £776,900.00 May 07 2020 32Red Casino
Canada M.C. Multifire Roulette CA$1,036,000.00 Mar 24 2024 Luxury Casino
Chile JC CL Evolution XXXTreme Lightning Roulette SEK7,135,000.00 Jul 20 2023 Jackpot City
UK J V XXXTreme Lightning Roulette £698,364.90 Aug 06 2022 32Red Casino
Germany Andreas Premium European Roulette €799,740.00 May 15 2012 Casino Tropez
Australia Mohammad R Roulette $892,277.00 May 19 2012 All Slots
Russian Federation Andrey Roulette Live €702,000.00 Apr 08 2015 Europa Casino
Russian Federation Vadim Roulette Live $795,055.00 Sep 23 2016 Europa Casino
Kuwait ahmed Roulette Pro $736,076.00 Jan 09 2014 Casino Tropez
Australia Thao Premium Pro Roulette AU$981,045.00 Dec 22 2015 Europa Casino Mobile
Sweden Siw ? Roulette $735,398.00 Jun 12 2014 All Slots
Switzerland Stephen W Eight Wheel European Roulette $701,950.00 Apr 18 2013 All Slots Mobile
UK N F Roulette £530,548.64 Jan 04 2020 32Red Casino
UK Jason Roulette Pro £527,200.00 Jun 15 2010 William Hill
Canada M.C. Multifire Roulette CA$772,000.00 Mar 25 2024 Luxury Casino
Switzerland Stephen W Roulette $685,371.00 Mar 01 2013 All Slots Mobile
UK Qaisar H European Roulette Gold $652,473.30 Feb 17 2018 Hippodrome Casino
UK S C Roulette £482,842.00 Oct 08 2019 32Red Casino
Australia alan French Roulette AU$839,211.00 Nov 12 2016 Europa Casino Mobile
UK N F Roulette £474,750.00 Jan 11 2020 32Red Casino
UK Qaisar H European Roulette Gold $608,167.86 Feb 17 2018 Hippodrome Casino
Amandeep S European Roulette $607,500.00 Nov 19 2018 Spin Palace
UK D.H. Roulette Royale £440,361.09 Jun 13 2015 UK Casino Club

Best Roulette Games

We have also processed winners' data in order to find the best online roulette games. In terms of popularity the most popular game was Playtech's Roulette Pro, that brought over $8M to about 600 winners. However, in terms of average win Video Roulette and Premium European Roulette (also developed by Playtech) were the best games. All these roulette games can be found at Casino Tropez that was the leader, that hosted the biggest amount of winners.

Top Roulette Games & Casino Rankings The complete rankings and review of TOP GAMES & ONLINE CASINOS can be found here - see the most popular games and casinos by the biggest amount of players' winnings. We compared roulette games from Microgaming, Playtech, Gamesys, Cassava, PartyGaming, NetEnt and RTG.

Other Big Winners 2006-2009:

Winner Game Type Win Date Online Casino
Sweden Dan T Premium European Roulette $395,367 Dec 09 2009 Europa Casino
Europe A.B. Roulette Royale €362,139 Jun 19 2009 Casino Action
Denmark Henriette J French Roulette $158,090 Aug 16 2009 Europa Casino
Spain M.ANTONIO M. Roulette Live €137,000 Apr 05 2009 EuroGrand
Italy Jose P. Roulette Pro €32,050 Mar 3 2007 Casino Europa
Euqinu1 European Roulette $11,545 Jul 16 2007 InterCasino
Basse333 Multi-Player European Roulette $10,110 Jan 6 2006 InterCasino
Rick5w VIP European Roulette $10,000 July 5 2006 InterCasino
Selcuk K. Roulette  $9,750 Feb 23 2006 Prestige Casino
Unimich Single-Player European Roulette  $8,850 Jul 11 2007 Inter Casino

You can see that the top position in our winners list are occupied by InterCasino's players. Every day somebody wins over $10,000 on roulette at InterCasino. That's because of the casino's popularity - InterCasino voted "Top Online Casino" 2001-208 by Gambling Online Magazine.


Winner Game Win Date Country Online Casino
Steven K Roulette Royale $437,815 Sep 5, 2005 USA USA Vegas Villa
Roger C Progressive Roulette Royale $313,779 Sep 12, 2003 USA USA Lucky Nugget
James R Progressive Roulette Royale $149,408 January 14 2005 USA USA Royal Vegas Casino
Christian M Microgaming's Roulette Royale $82,862 November 15 2002 USA USA Vegas Villa
Evaggelos P. Roulette $31,439 October 2005 - King Solomons
NeTrOmE Multi-Player Roulette $17,500 Nov 29 2005 - InterCasino
Blowme69 VIP European Roulette $14,700 Jan 13 2004 USA USA InterCasino
Peter T. European Roulette £11,000 2006 UK UK English Harbour
Cabrara Single-Player European Roulette $10,800 June 25 2004 UK UK VIP Casino
Sass13 Eurpoean Ritz Club Roulette $10,755 January 2006 USA USA The Sands Of The Caribbean

As you can see the biggest ever roulette winners had been playing Roulette Royal progressive game from MicroGaming. Roulette Royale is a progressive game based on roulette, but with a twist - each time any number repeats the player is awarded an additional win, even if the player did not have a bet on the winning number. If the same number repeats five times in a row, the player wins the progressive jackpot starting at $90,000.00.

Roulette is the ultimate game of chance - you can win everything or lose everything with just one spin of the reel. One of the famous roulette bets was placed by the Ashley Revell from UK. He sold all of his possessions and brought $135,300 to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. He placed all his money on red. The ball was tossed and the croupier called it: red 7. Revell doubled his money and walked away with a total of $270,600.

We would also recommend checking out top slots winners and all progressive jackpot winners listed by jackpot name and winner stories with interviews and photos, i.e. you can find all winners of King Cashalot slot or Roulette Royal progressives.

Royal Vegas Casino

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