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The game of Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco. It was played in France as far back as the XVth century. The rules of Baccarat game are very simple and can be mastered within minutes. The objective of the game is to correctly guess which hand will win, the player's or the dealer's hand. There are three different bets: Player, Dealer and Tie. A Baccarat player can bet on any single bet or combination of bets.

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Online Baccarat -  
Featuring baccarat strategy, systems, rules, and a free shockwave game. is an online resource dedicated to answering your questions, and providing you with quality information about both casino and online baccarat games. Their free baccarat game can be played directly and instantly within your browser.

Baccarat System -  
Software based system suitable for the beginner to the advanced players.

Baccarat System -  
Professional Baccarat player selling his system to the general public. It took him almost 2 years of intensive research, and testing to finally come up with a system that was a long term winner. All 3 of these fine systems track the shoe in unique ways. Three Dimensional Baccarat systems explained. "These baccarat gambling systems will give you a mathematical advantage.. Start winning with The best of the best Baccarat Systems.", is said on the site.

Improve Your Skills In Baccarat - Rules & Tips -  
This particular system really lets you take advantage of a “winning streak”, by allowing bigger bets each round that you win, you can easily make your bankroll much bigger when you hit a good streak of winning bets. Obviously, this system also helps to extend the life of any bankroll, even if you’re not having the best of luck.

Asian Baccarat - Strategy Articles -  
Asian Baccarat website offers Rules for Playing Baccarat Online including Guides and Strategies, rules for playing baccarat online, featured articles, news and winning strategies. If you're interested in raising your level of play at baccarat tables and learn to play well in Internet baccarat, visit the site now.

Easy Baccarat -  
World of Baccarat - Online baccarat guide for casino players of all levels. The Basic Rules of Baccarat and rules' variations, online baccarat advantages and tips, and more information.

Baccarat System from Smart Casino -  
Proven Baccarat Strategy and Pedictor System claims you WIN 5% to 7% of turnover. See 11 incredible benefits of the Pedictor System and Win @ Baccarat Online. The system can be purchased on site, free trial download is also available. To compliment the GOLD version the authors have just released "Predictor System for Online Casinos" that offers 22 essential secrets for winning at the casino.

Baccarat Instruction -  
"Baccarat: Duel To The Finish" article by Will Veda. Learn all the hands in the game and Baccarat Glossary.

Baccarat Gambler -  
This guide to baccarat features how to play, tips for winnings, and information on baccarat variations. Also The History of Modern Baccarat, rules, dictionary, Playing Tips and Strategies, and Visual Hand Examples. Baccarat Gambler will give you the information you need relating to the popular casino game.