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The object of Roulette is to predict the slot the ball will land in. Wagers in Roulette are placed on an area of the table marked with a pattern of boxes and numbers. You must decide on which numbers or groups of numbers to bet on. There are many different bet types you can make in Roulette including: Inside Bets or Straight Bets, Split Bet or Two Number Bet, Street Bet or Three Number Bet, Corner or Square Bet, The Six Numbers Bet, Outside Bets (Any Red or Black), Any Low Number or High Number Bet, Any Even or Odd Bet, The Dozens Bets and Column Bets.

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Roulette Rules from Gambling Win -  
Offers free winning tips and information on a book that can help winning at roulette.

Roulette Guru -  
How to play, along with rules, strategies and systems for roulette.

Kanzen's Roulette -  
Probability test, the casino advantage, what makes a winning system and a roulette system for sale.

Gambling Systems -  
Casino Gaming Strategies. Tips. Gambling Systems.

American-Roulette.Info - America's premier roulette portal -  
American-Roulette.Info - America's premier roulette portal brings the best of the roulette world online

Roulette Systems .com -  
Roulette Systems Revealed Free! Books, links, instruction, strategy & tips. roulette-systems .com the ultimate site for the roulette information.

Casino Gaming Systems -  
Casino Gambling offers Roulette Rules, Tips, Strategies and Systems. The source for roulette tips and strategies, roulette systems, free roulette systems, mcroulettesystem, gambling systems.

Guide to -  
The site outlines the history of roulette and how to play the game online. Features includes roulette rules, strategies, odds, scams, styles and resources. Some players have also tried a concept called ball tripping, where the ball is again knocked during a strategic time and bounced to a more favorable number. Scams such as these certainly can happen in the world of roulette…

Roulette Instruction -  
Learn more about roulette from this article written by Will Veda - Types of Bets, Insights on Roulette, best Strategy and Roulette Glossary. Comprehensive guide for beginner players.

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